What comes with a Waking Up subscription?

Introductory Course: For both beginning and advanced practitioners, the Introductory Course provides foundational training in mindfulness meditation and the theory behind the practice. When finished with the course, you’ll also understand how best to use the Waking Up app. 

Daily Meditation: After the Introductory Course, you’ll graduate to the Daily meditation, where we combine mindfulness practice with bits of practical wisdom and other valuable guidance. The Daily Meditation changes each day and has a 10 and 20-minute option to choose from.

Meditation Series. Learn from a curated group of world-renowned teachers. Our meditation series were created by such luminaries as Joseph Goldstein, Diana Winston, Loch Kelly, Richard Lang, David Whyte, and Henry Shukman, and will take you through a wide range of contemplative practices. 

Breakthrough Lessons and Conversations. This is where you’ll examine the theory behind meditation practice and explore ancient wisdom that’s been pressure-tested by modern teachers, scientists, and scholars. We attempt to answer some of life’s most important questions with the world’s leading experts, discussing topics such as neuroscience, psychedelics, nonduality, enlightenment, ethics, Stoicism, effective altruism, and more.

Moment. Short audio reflections to help you stay present in your daily life. 

Recovered Wisdom. From Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta, and H.W.L Poonja in our Wisdom Texts series, to the enthralling lectures of Alan Watts, Waking Up aims to bring you the best teachings throughout history. 

Life. A new feature in Waking Up that will explore what it means to live an examined life outside the practice and theory of meditation, including conversations and series on ethics, philosophy, psychedelics and more.  

A bunch of useful features: Like a meditation timer, in-app support messages, a search function, and the ability to share an unlimited number of free trials with friends.

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