What’s in the “Theory” section of the app?

In the Theory section, you’ll examine the theory behind meditation practice and explore ancient wisdom that’s been pressure-tested by modern teachers, scientists, and scholars. 


Listen to short talks on some of life’s most important questions. Topics include meditation, neuroscience, psychedelics, nonduality, enlightenment, ethics, Stoicism, effective altruism, and more.


Here you’ll find long-form conversations between Sam and a range of scientists, scholars, and teachers that explore meditation, mindfulness and adjacent topics like building habits, psychedelics, and the science of happiness. Conversation guests include Tara Brach, James Clear, David Whyte, Leo Babauta, Jack Kornfield, Adyashanti, and many others.

Recovered Wisdom. From Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta, and H.W.L Poonja in our Wisdom Texts series, to the enthralling lectures of Alan Watts, Waking Up aims to bring you the best teachings throughout history. 


In Q&As, you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked meditation questions, along with deep conversations on some of the more advanced aspects of spiritual practice. 

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