What are the app’s most useful features?

Hamburger Menu. Found in the upper right corner of the app, this menu shows your stats, profile information, FAQ and support contact, and allows you to access settings like meditation reminders.

Messages. Under the Hamburger Menu, you’ll find an “ inbox,” where you’ll receive app updates, recommended content, and important account information. The orange icon on the main menu indicates you have a new message. 

Notification Center. Customize your notification settings under Hamburger Menu → Settings  → Notifications. Toggle notifications on/off for Meditation Reminder, Moment, New Content, and Content Recommendations. 

Daily Meditation length. You have the option to choose between a 10 minute and 20 minute version of the Daily meditation each day. You can toggle between options at the bottom of your screen while listening to the Daily.

Give-a-free-month. Found on your home screen, this feature allows any subscriber to share a free month of access to Waking Up with anyone as many times as they like. 

Autoplay. You can choose content to start automatically when you open it. Enable autoplay using the button beneath the content carousel in the Theory section of the app.

“Now practicing” counter. You can see how many of your fellow community members are currently listening to the Daily Meditation. Join them!

Sleep timer: Set a sleep timer to automatically turn off any Conversation after a set number of minutes. You can find this feature at the bottom of the app when listening to any Conversation.

Self-timer: Set a timer for your meditation practice. You can opt to hear a chime at 5 different intervals during your practice.

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