Can I move while meditating?

Yes, but only after you know how to meditate. Let us explain.

Many people are confused about what meditation really is. Meditation is not engaging in some pleasant or interesting experience in order to generate positive feelings. It’s not about tuning out the world and coming to a place of inner peace. True meditation is the ability to recognize what your mind is like, prior to being lost in thought. When you’re engaged in meditation, you’re no longer identifying with every thought, reaction, whim, or emotion that comes barreling into your mind.

However, once you know how to practice, it is true to say that any activity can be synonymous with meditation. You can recognize the nature of your mind at any point, in any location, under any circumstance. But this must first be practiced in formal sessions.

So, yes. You can meditate while hiking, running, biking or doing anything else a human being can do. But only after you know how to practice.

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